Secret Heritage of Indonesia


Yeah, Indonesia is my beloved country. I was born and raised in this place. Maybe foreigner only knows about Bali, and some of them don't know if it's located in Indonesia.

I bet everybody around the world have known about Bali. Well, we have a lot of tourist destination, beautiful beach, and scenery. But, there is a place in Java with beautiful old castle. Villagers called it Kraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat.

Hey world! You should go to SOLO

This is a picture from the outside of castle. I searched from google cause i don't have the outside one. 
I have a some pictures captured by my sister, she went to solo and she took some picture inside the castle. 

First sight when you entered the kraton, it was amazing. the architecture was really original. It was just like you travel back to 1700's. 
Tips for you who wants to hire a tour guide, it is a must. Tour guide will tell you the history, meaning, and rules of kraton. People around Kraton called the tour guide is abdi dalem. They wear traditional clothes, and wear yellow shawl. 


this is called pendopo, this place usually to perform traditional dance. the building are full of javanese sculpture, so i called this one of secret heritage of Indonesia. an important guess has an opportunity to watch traditional dance, and other traditional performance in here. as you can see, the lamp is full of crystal, and guess what how much does it worth?

How to get there?
 Kraton Solo is located in Mangkubumen Sasono Mulyo street. you can take pedicab or dokar. You just say, " Kraton Solo" they will understand.. If your located is quite far, just call a taxi or take trans Solo,it is more useful

are those the only things that you'll find in Solo? of course not. For some backpackers usually search for traditional stuff with low price. I love low prices, and sometimes we have to work hard to get a deal with seller. but that is the most interesting moment i think. we can bargain and get the lower prices and we will feel happy to buy it. I suggest you to visit Pasar Klewer ( Klewer Market)...
yeaay, you can do anything you want.. you can buy all the things you wanted to buy ( not everything exactly) i mean this is the place where you can buy traditional stuff, original from solo. you can find batik clothes, small sculpture, silk, and foods.. while your mom is still busy with batik clothes or just busy with bargaining, you may have a seat in food store where they sell traditional foods..
main gate klewer market
How to get there?
Klewer market is located near Alun Alun lor ( north Alun-Alun complex) or at Dr. Radjiman Solo street you can take pedicab (again) and just walk down to the street. although it maybe tiring, but it will more fun, you can sightseeing and take a picture in the middle of crowd..

Last but not least, for antique stuff seeker, you must visit this place. in Diponegoro street, you'll find Triwindu market. this is soo adorable. they sell antique stuff such as gramophone, leather suitcase, and more. in here, you have to be smart to bargain the price, because in here little bit hard to get low prices because the stuff itself  are difficult to find,
and i got this ring. :D 

i found vintage stuff in there 
so vintage box, but this is too expensive so i just capture it
and i found something unique, i don't really know what is it
like colored stones. 
and wedding sculpture made by wood. this is symbolize for couple marriage.
A couple marriage with traditional clothes

How to get there?
Pasar Triwindu or Windujenar is located in Diponegoro Street Solo, open everyday from 09.00 am - 04.00pm. feel free to visit there and i bet you will go there again

What are you waiting for?
So let's get travelling..

source: google images, and my own gallery