Cupcakes for Birthday

Hi Everyone :)
On February 18th, 2 months ago was my birthday. I was turning to 18 years old. I got a lot of present from my family and my friends. One of them is a cute cupcake. It was from my sister tya . She knew about my interest, So on that day, she gave me 4 cupcakes mickey and minnie. I love mickey and minnie. I was so surprised with her present. I just can captured 2 cupcakes, because i've already eat them. :p

Monsieur Mickey

Mademoiselle Minnie
The Taste was very delicious. I was curious, how to make them. So i decided to find the recipe and i make it :) Click here to read the basic cupcake recipe and click here to read how to make your own fondant icing.
I hope you can try the recipe. Thanks for coming

Good Luck Friends :)

*sorry, the photos are blur*